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I was born in Winchester and raised in Surrey, England where I still live.  I have always been Artistic and creative right from a very young age, like most artists as soon as I could hold a pencil.  My art has taken many different forms over the years and my style has evolved to what it is currently with a love of colour, emotion and different mediums.  It will continue to evolve and change which is the exciting thing about Art, it is shaped by my experiences, practice and environment.

My favourite mediums at the moment are Coloured pencils, Gouache, Watercolour and Acrylics which cover most of my work and Coloured pencil being about 90% of that for Motorsport and Portraits.

The work I produce has a clean look and in most of my pieces I choose to ignore backgrounds unless they are essential because they look unnecessary and detract from the main subject, so I prefer to work on white, grey and plain colour papers and canvas.

For Formula1, when I create Driver Portraits I work hard to capture the emotion of that moment, depending on the composition my primary focus is the eyes (otherwise body language), eyes are the most expressive feature and can be a defining part of someone, who can be recognised just from their eyes, which makes them so important to get right and also why I start portraits with the eyes.

Other subjects include Portraits, Pet Portraits, Nature, Animals, Birds, Botanical, Motorbikes and much more.

Prints and Originals are available on this website as are commissions so if you are interested in requesting a special piece then contact my email, the contact page or my social media pages.

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